Treat yourself and splurge – on coffee in a great coffee house!

The Lottery Centre features great coffee houses

A rich cup of coffee, a sweet piece of cake, and a seat by the window to watch the world go by… now that sounds nice. Many people like to jump start their day or simply relax with a good cup of java.

If you are a coffee lover, you may be wondering where some of the best coffee shops in the world are. There are many from chic and trendy to opulent old world, from café au lait or café de olla. For the coffee connoisseur we present great coffee shops for you to visit, soak up the atmosphere and savor that perfect sip.

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Here’s to that perfect cup of coffee in that perfect coffee house.

Café Central – Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s historic cafes have been inspirations for many coffee shops around the world. The Café Central is one of its best. The shop is housed in a palace with marble pillars, arched ceilings and stunning chandeliers. It opened its doors in 1876 and became a meeting place for intellectual patrons such as Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud. Enjoy an elegant cup of coffee while listening to live classical music.

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Café Gerbeaud – Budapest, Hungary

Café Gerbeaud is revered as one of the greatest coffee houses in Europe. Since 1858, it has been serving delicious European coffee and pastries from its lavish shop. The coffee house boasts beautiful architecture and furnishings with exotic wood paneling, grand chandeliers, marble top tables, statues and gold plaster. This fine establishment has various coffee bars and can seat 300 people inside and 300 people outside. Enjoy people watching from the terrace.

Caffe Reggio – New York City, USA

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is the beloved Caffe Reggio, which has been serving Italian cappuccino, food, wine and desserts since 1927. The shop was the first café in the U.S. to serve cappuccino and the original espresso machine made in 1902 sits proudly in the café. Other features that add to the warmth and charm are the old world paintings and the 500-year-old bench once owned by the Medici family. Caffe Reggio has been featured in many movies like the Godfather part II. It is a wonderful place to leisurely sit and enjoy a tasty cappuccino. A must visit.

Kaffeine – London, UK

Kaffeine is a hot spot for young, hip office workers who crowd in every day for the great vibe, excellent food and incredible coffee flavors. The focus is on quality coffee and an in-depth knowledge (3 years training) is required before you can brew behind the bar. Chefs make everything fresh from soups, salads and sandwiches to chutneys, biscuits and sweet treats. Items from food trays that come up from the kitchen are sold out quickly. You can also appreciate the wonderfully crafted latte art.

Café Verlet – Paris, France

Paris is well-known for its café culture and this celebrated shop near the Louvre has been roasting and blending beans since 1880. The shop prides itself on providing patrons with a selection of pure fresh coffees from Africa, America, Oceania and Asia. However, if coffee is not your thing you can also enjoy a fine tea from their selection of close to 100 varieties.

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