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Many lottery winners have excellent reasons to travel, including opening up your world experiences. The Lottery Centre is delighted to make that happen with our weekly travel articles to entertain, educate and inspire lottery players.

There are many travel destinations with well-known attractions that flood with tourists every year, and some with assets that have not yet been fully recognized and remain under the radar.

This week, The Lottery Centre travels to the Ukraine, a big country and one of Europe’s last travel frontiers. If you have never thought about spending time in the Ukraine, you should. It has vibrant ancient castles, unique arts such as egg painting, beautiful landscapes, delicious bowls of borscht and the friendliness of the Ukrainian people.

Eating and Decorating

Ukrainian culture has a tradition of painting eggs for Easter, which goes back thousands of years. Ukrainian Easter eggs are known as pysanky; locals draw intricate and symbolic traditional folk designs on them with wax and then dye the eggs in brilliant colours. Ukranians made the pysanky in ancient times to ward off evil and to bring good luck.

One thing you can be sure of when visiting the Ukraine is that you will not be hungry. Ukrainian food is delicious, filling and popular in many parts of the world. Ukrainians are very hospitable people and like to serve food in generous portions.

A food staple in Ukrainian homes is borscht, a beet-root soup with 20-plus ingredients, mostly garden vegetables. Also a favourite is varenyky (pierogis), yummy potato, pickled cabbage or cheese-filled dumplings eaten with butter and sour cream. Holubtsi (cabbage rolls) are stuffed with mincemeat and rice wrapped in cooked cabbage and covered with tomato sauce. Bread is an important part of Ukrainian meals, and popular choices include paska (Easter bread), korovai (braided wedding bread) and babka (sweet egg bread).

Sites Worth Seeing

Experience the best Ukraine offers.

Experience the best Ukraine offers.

Lottery players will want to visit all Ukraine’s many amazing attractions for their historic beauty.

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral In the city of Kiev you will find one of Ukraine’s most spectacular landmarks and tourist destinations, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, a majestic 13-dome UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the oldest church of its kind in Kiev, built in 1037 on the orders of Prince Yaroslav l the Wise.

The church was modeled after the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople (today Istanbul). Its architecture is outstanding in the Byzantine and Ukrainian Baroque styles. Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is part of a complex, which includes other buildings such as a bell tower, refectory church, consistory, entrance tower and the House of Metropolitan. Walk inside to experience superb frescoes, murals and mosaics that decorate the Cathedral’s interior design.

Carpathian Mountains – Considered the “green pearl” of the Ukraine, tourists come to the Carpathian Mountains to enjoy the beauty of its meadows, rivers, lakes, mild climate and monuments. The gentle peaks of the mountains have many towns, villages and resorts where tourists spend summer and winter holidays.

Swallow’s NestSwallow’s Nest is a magnificent castle located on the Crimea peninsula in a small spa town called Gaspra. Built in 1912 in the Neo-Gothic style, it is perched on top of the 40-metre high Aurora Cliff overlooking the Black Sea. Originally built for a German oil millionaire, the current castle is a popular tourist destination that replaced a previous structure on the site, a wooden cottage nicknamed “The Castle of Love.”

Swallow’s Nest survived a serious earthquake in 1927 and has seen many lives as a library, restaurant, tourist museum and an inspiration for books and movies. The castle’s interior features two levels with a foyer leading to a guest room and two bedrooms, with stairs that lead to a lookout tower. An observation deck surrounds the building with gorgeous views of the sea.

Livadia PalaceLivadia is a grand palace once used as a summer retreat by Russia’s Tsar Nicholas ll and his family in the 1860s. It received world recognition in 1945 as the meeting place for the Yalta Conference where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin discussed Europe’s future after World War ll.

The Palace is an impressive building of white granite built in the Neo-Renaissance style. Featuring two spacious courtyards, intricate Arabic mosaics, a Tartar-style fountain and Italian-style white limestone columns, balconies, fountains and palm trees, the Palace also marvels visitors with an arched portico of Carrara marble, a Florentine tower, decorative Bramantesque windows and a Neo-Byzantine church of the Exaltation of the Cross.

The inside of the palace has an astounding 116 rooms, including a Pompeian vestibule, a Tudor-style English billiard room, a Neo-baroque dining room, state rooms, a library, private apartments and a Jacob-style study of maple wood of which the Tsar was particularly fond. Today, Livadia Palace is used as a museum and sometimes for international summits.

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