Top 25 Ways to Select Winning Lottery Numbers

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Several leading lotto ticket services have merged together to become The Lottery Centre, a new website providing a convenient one-stop location for playing the most lucrative lotteries around the globe. We wanted to provide our readers with ideas and ways to select lucky numbers when playing the lottery. Playing the lotteries with The Lottery Centre has never been easier.

Did you know? The Lottery Centre has generated many winners and has 20 plus jackpot winners to date. The most recent jackpot winner was a player who discovered he was one of the 15 lucky winners that matched all the numbers for the Australian Superdraw.

Lottery players have rituals or specific methods on how they select lotto numbers. Behind every big winner is the success story on how it happened.

  1. Quick Pick the Numbers – Random numbers, random luck. This is the most common, convenient and “lazy” ways to select lotto numbers.
  2. Use Birthdays’– mix it up, use dates of close family or friends.
  3. Consult a Lottery Specialist– There are researchers, like Dr. Iliya Bluskov, who offer expert advice on how to pick winning numbers for lotto games around the world. Check out his guide to winning the lottery!
  4. Use a High Frequency Chart– find out which numbers come out the most often, or ones that are due to come up at any given time!
  5. Use Other’s Good Fortune– ask a friend to select the numbers, or better yet join a group or syndicate!
  6. Use Numbers from Casino Games– love playing roulette? Why not play the same numbers for both games?
  7. Flip a Coin– can’t decide between 2 numbers? This might work for you!
  8. Use Sports!– have a favorite sports athlete past or present? Why not use their number on the back of their jerseys!
  9. Use Similar 2nd digits – i.e. 2, 12, 22, 32, 42…etc.
  10. Try Scratch and Win Tickets– make that coffee break more entertaining!
  11. Numerology– Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some….but maybe not you!
  12. Use Anniversary Dates– hopefully you will remember this one.
  13. Use Fortune Cookies– usually on the back of your fortune.
  14. Use Lucky Bingo Numbers– has B6 been good to you lately?
  15. Ask a Magic 8 Ball– this requires work and maybe poor logic, but who has all the answers anyways!
  16. Conduct Your Own Lotto– write the numbers on paper balls, put in a bucket and draw 6 lucky numbers of your own! Time consuming perhaps, but profitable?
  17. Pick Consecutive Numbers– i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6
  18. Ask A Psychic– fortune tellers might be a little extreme but common practice.
  19. Use an Ouija Board– a little too extreme…
  20. Dream The Numbers– just ensure you write them as soon as you wake up!
  21. Use Music!– Catchy songs can create good numbers, such as Skid Rows’ “18 and life” or Rob Base and DJ EZ rocks “It Takes Two”.
  22. Use Pets! – write down 10 numbers on sheets of paper and find out which one your dog goes to first! Warning for cats: Do not use newspaper!
  23. Use a Random Lotto App– yes they exist.
  24. Use the Same Numbers for Long Periods– some play the same numbers for years and years and years.
  25. Use Designs or Patterns on the Selection Card– squares, X patterns, stairwells etc.

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The Lottery Centre is at the forefront of making the world’s most lucrative lotteries accessible to players in over 190 countries. Government regulated and backed by skilled professionals with over 25 years of industry experience who have awarded over US$169 million in total winnings to players. The Lottery Centre offers a convenient, fun and secure environment for playing international lotteries and guarantees lump-sum winnings with no commissions or surprise fees.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you! Be sure to check out the different toll free number options as well based on the country you are calling from. The Lottery Centre is committed to providing lottery enthusiasts and players different ways to communicate with us on anything related to the lotteries or lotto’s we offer. This feature is what makes us one of the leading lottery ticket agents where the world can come to play. Play with us today and stay social on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

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