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Every 4 years the world experiences a leap year. For some, this is a lucky time and many enthusiastic lottery players will grab a lottery ticket to try and cash in on their dreams. The Lottery Centre, merged from several leading lotto ticket services, provide lottery players with a one-stop location offering some of the worlds most lucrative lotteries. Backed by industry professionals with over 25 years of experience, The Lottery Centre offers secure access to the biggest lotteries from Australia, Europe and North America—available to people in over 190 countries. With today being a leap year day, The Lottery Centre is delighted to announce the new look website.

Features of the Lottery Centre Website

Lottery players and enthusiast can witness a unique one-stop digital experience. We wanted to explore some of the features of this crisp brand new website. Website visitors can now look forward to the following features when visiting our website online:

  • A list of various global lotto’s and lotteries and their respective jackpots.
  • Digital in house sweepstakes and a chance to win €10,000 in cash by simply submitting a name and email address
  • Weekly Jackpot alerts sent to your email so you can keep up with the most lucrative lotto prizes
  • Check up lotto and lottery results online
  • Live chat, Skype, and access to our contact center so you can speak to our knowledgeable and friendly lottery agents in real time
  • A unique mobile, tablet and desktop friendly adaptive and responsive website
  • Get in on the world’s exciting draws online
  • Lotto and Lottery information and tips on each of the games we offer
  • Special Prize and pool promotions
  • Lottery news and announcements from The Lottery Centre including our good causes
  • A blog which is the one stop digital resource for lotto players and enthusiasts online offering various lottery playing insights
  • Multi lingual website with more languages being added everyday
  • Online Lotto and Lottery ticket shopping cart
  • Access our social media presence and pages

These are just some of the amazing features one can experience on our new website.

With the recent swell of desire for lotteries, The Lottery Centre will offer players a service that allows them easy, centralized access and resources to a diverse selection of huge lotteries. Lottery players can better their chances at winning millions while also guaranteeing anonymity, safety and secure payout through strict regulatory guidelines.

The Lottery Centre is now social digital and interactive

Lotto players and enthusiasts are expected to receive a unique digital experience from any device they use to access the website or blog. The Lottery Centre is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. Features like live chat, email support and phone support are just a few ways of communicating with friendly and resourceful lottery agents. The Lottery Centre is also social and interactive having a presence on some of the world’s popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lottery readers are encouraged to communicate and pass on any lottery related inquiries on any of the digital platforms offered by The Lottery Centre. One can even access email alerts and weekly updates on all of the world’s leading lotto’s and lotteries.

Special Prize Pool Promotions and Jackpots

The Lottery Centre is marking the occasion of its launch by adding exclusive promotions for their players to enjoy and increase their chances at even more cash wins. The Lottery Centre are currently the only lottery ticket agent to offer special Jackpot-Prize Pool promotions for many lottery games, which include free tickets eligible for a share in the jackpot prize category in select lotteries.

Every year, The Lottery Centre will also hold a unique, in-house bonus draw for €10,000, for which all players are automatically eligible whenever they play. Players can also enter for free, with no purchase necessary; for more details, visit The Lottery Centre online.

About The Lottery Centre

The Lottery Centre is at the forefront of making the world’s most lucrative lotteries accessible to players in over 190 countries. Government regulated and backed by skilled professionals with over 25 years of industry experience who have awarded over US$169 million in total winnings to players. The Lottery Centre offers a convenient, fun and secure environment for playing international lotteries and guarantees lump-sum winnings with no commissions or surprise fees.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you! Be sure to check out the different toll free number options as well based on the country you are calling from. The Lottery Centre is committed to providing lottery enthusiasts and players different ways to communicate with us on anything related to the lotteries or lotto’s we offer. This feature is what makes us one of the leading lottery ticket agents where the world can come to play.

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