Lottery Player | Celebrating Autumn aboard a Luxury Cruise!

The Lottery Centre invites you to do some Autumn travelling.

Taking a cruise on a big luxury ship is one of the best travel experiences you can have. These beautiful cruise liners have all the spectacular amenities, world-class service and high-end cuisines to make all your vacation dreams a memorable reality.

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Autumn is a great season in which to sail. There are fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, which make sightseeing a pleasant experience. A very appealing journey to make during this time of year is to cruise along the U.S. New England and Eastern Canada coastline.

Mother Nature is at its best with breathtaking foliage during autumn. The trees show their rich colours of amber, gold, scarlet and brown. You can visit cosmopolitan cities such as Quebec City with its old cobblestone streets, Boston with its rich colonial history and the grand avenues of Manhattan. Of course, the best way to arrive in New York is on a ship watching the skyscrapers appear in the distance and being greeted by the great Statue of Liberty in the harbour.

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Also enjoyable are the dramatic coastlines of Rhode Island adorned with gilded mansions, charming rustic fishing villages, the historic lighthouses of Nova Scotia and whale watching in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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