It’s Big, it’s Beautiful and it’s the United States!

The Lottery Centre features the United States

The United States is about so many things. Each region, each city has its own unique culture, cuisine and entertainment. It is a big land and everyone from everywhere is familiar with something that is distinctly “American.”  The United States is a traveler’s paradise and wherever you go, you are sure to be amazed, inspired and have a whole lot of fun.

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Here is what you can expect on a great American adventure.


Natural beauty is everywhere in the United States. You can find beautiful beaches in Florida and California and a scenic coastline in Oregon. There are the great lakes of the Midwest, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the pretty tulip fields in Washington State, and the Badlands of South Dakota.

And if that were not enough there is also the tropical beauty in Hawaii, rugged red rocks rising from the desert in Arizona, pristine meadows and big open skies in Montana and giant Redwood forests in California.

New England has its colorful autumn foliage, Alaska its vast wilderness, Kansas is a land of rolling prairie plains and the winding laidback Mississippi River meanders its way through the South.

The are many national parks to explore such as the mesmerizing vistas at Yellowstone, Yosemite, Great Smoky Mountain and Glacier national parks. The biggest wonder, the massive 277 mile long Grand Canyon is an awe inspiring site and is at the top of most travelers’ list.

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The United States has some of the best and most unique cities in the world. The epicenter of course, is New York City where the famous Statue of Liberty welcomes millions of visitors into her harbor each year. The energy here is amazing and there is nothing that you can’t find, see or do.

Once you have visited the well-loved landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Broadway, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can go off into a million directions into the culturally different neighborhoods for world class shopping, architectural treasures, entertainment, old world cafes and dining. The food choices in New York City are endless!

In California, you will find the sparkle and glamour of cities like Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and the hilly cable car filled streets of San Francisco with its beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C attracts many tourists from around the world. There are plenty of museums, memorials and monuments dedicated to the nation’s history and the peaceful reflecting pool within the National Mall is a stunning site.

The windy city of Chicago is famous for its cutting edge comedy and theatre companies, modern art and sports teams. In Seattle you will want to visit Pike Place Market, the panoramic views from the Space Needle and explore the Central Public Library with its modern, unusual glass structure and book spiral that climbs four stories high.

Swim, surf, jet ski and people watch from the beautiful beaches and boardwalk of Miami Beach and be entertained in the city of Branson, known as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World” which has more than 50 theatres running over 90 music, magic and comedy shows nightly.

The historical city of Boston, with its old brownstone buildings, colonial sites and charming pubs is a great destination.  And the southern cities of Charleston, New Orleans and Savannah will charm you with its rich cuisine, colourful festivals, huge oak and weeping willow trees and plenty of historical mansions and sites.


How does this sound? Smoky sweet barbeque ribs in Texas, a piping hot bowl of clam chowder in Boston, a juicy hot dog from Nathans in Coney Island and cheddar cheese apple pie in Vermont.

If you are still hungry then you can get some cedar planked salmon in Seattle, cheesy deep dish pizza in Chicago, spicy Cajun seafood gumbo in Louisiana and of course the all you can eat buffets in Las Vegas.

The United States is a food-loving nation and you can find every cuisine from every country in the world represented in Just New York City alone. From sophisticated five star restaurants to 1950’s style diners, eating in America is an amazing adventure all its own.


You will never be bored while in the United States. There are fun places for everyone. Las Vegas is a place of lights and dazzle to get your heart racing. You can enjoy yourself at the luxurious hotels and casinos, spectacular Vegas shows, top restaurants and all you can eat buffets.

For the families, millions of visitors come from all around the world for a fun and fantastic vacation to Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida. San Diego is home to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and LEGOLAND. And in Hershey, Pennsylvania you can have a sweet and delicious tour of the chocolate empire’s factory and enjoy the old fashioned amusement park.

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