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When the leaves in autumn brown and clear away, temperatures get colder and it is a clear sign that winter is on its way. Christmas time can be a festive and exciting time for everyone with the ringing of sleigh bells in shopping malls to the rustic smell of nutmeg in eggnog. The month of December can mean an end to a bad year and a start of a new one, or an end to a great year with positive future outlooks to follow in the New Year.

Regardless, even for the avid gamer or lotto player the month of December can represent giving, good fortune, as well as redemption for anyone with previous misfortune or bad luck. There are several events and jackpots that The Lottery Centre offers that are available during the holiday season which can turn any frown, upside down.

The Winter Spanish El Gordo or the “Loteria de Navidad is a nationally drawn raffle style lottery in Madrid, Spain on December the 22nd. A popular choice for many Lottery Centre members as the total prize pool payout is a substantial 2 billion Euro spread out over 1,800 separate drawings. It will be one of the most sought after events due to its high demand and limited supply of ticket numbers with only 100,000 possible selections. An outstanding 15,000+ pre-determined prizes are awarded per series giving El Gordo the reputation of one of the easiest mathematical odds of winning any prizes with only a 1 in 6 ratio. The cost of the “decimas” are consistent and somewhat pricey however, novice gamers must understand the extent of the draws they are playing.

For example, someone who plays lotto occasionally twice a week for a year will literally have the opportunity to cover 17 years’ worth of lotto draws on one day! So not only does it allow players to win more, it also enables members to play a large quantity of draws in a short period of time. Not to mention at the perfect time! 3 days before Christmas!

The Australian super draw or the “Saturday Tatts lotto” have also announced a substantial jackpot that will be scheduled six days after Christmas on New Year’s Eve – December 31st. The special event will be an attractive jackpot of 31 million Australian dollars or a “31 at 31”. The Australian super draw will have overall odds of winning any prize for quick pick selections at 1 in 85. The most significant feature of the draw is that it gives members the ability to purchase large amounts of combinations or tickets for a nominal amount in comparison to traditional European draws. This is due to the fact that the purchase and actual fulfillment of the tickets will be in Australian dollars as opposed to the Euro.

This value is extremely beneficial to Lottery Centre members from the United Kingdom whom have had their own currency drop considerably in value compared to the US dollar or the Euro due to economic factors. It also allows savvy players to play “combo” or “system plays” that incorporate the strategy of “wheeling” to give themselves a mathematical advantage.

In fact, The Lottery Centre will offer special group syndicates and invitations that allows players to even go as far as guaranteeing themselves a two or three number match before the draw even begins! This exact strategy has already yielded 5 jackpot winners from the Australian lotto alone with the most recent jackpot winner on the exact same December event in 2015. It is also worth mentioning the customer was also from the United Kingdom. The group gives players a “two number conditional guarantee” which covers every possible combination of numbers ultimately producing 820 tickets or selections. This means that even a small prize division such as a 3 or 4 number match can still payout in the thousands due to multiple returns. More wins, more often which holds true to big jackpot events in Australia.

Regardless whether it’s before Christmas or slightly after, several special events or lotto or lottery games can help alleviate the irrelevant stresses that Christmas can bring. Rather than focus on negative losses or debt that incur think positively with hope and determination. There is no better time to spend quality time and give on Christmas, and how easy would that be with millions of dollars at your disposal!

Speak to a Lottery Centre expert today and find out how you can be a part of the excitement this Christmas season!

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