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Lottery Centre travels to Indonesia

If you have the travel bug, then Indonesia is one of those countries you must see.

Indonesia is an exotic and vibrant country. It is the largest archipelago in the world made up of over 18,000 islands scattered over both sides of the equator. There are 50,000 miles of coastline and at least 150 active volcanoes.

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The population of Indonesia is over 255 million with a melting pot of cultures. There are 300 ethnic groups speaking 250 different languages. Bali is perhaps the most popular destination for travelers but there is a wealth of other sites in this country to fulfill your senses.

With diverse cultures and cuisine, temples and artwork, postcard perfect landscapes, exotic fish and plants, giant lizards (the Komodo dragon) and orangutans, Indonesia is a place to explore and discover.

Lake Toba – Serene Beauty

Formed by an earth splitting eruption some 75,000 years ago, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. It is 30 kilometers wide, 100 kilometers long and 505 meters deep and located on the island of Sumatra.

Lake Toba is surrounded by tall pine covered mountains and has a serene, relaxing beauty. The water is a clear blue green colour perfect for swimming, and the island in the middle of the lake, Samosir, has waterfalls and hot springs. Enjoy a stay at the resorts, visit the traditional Batak villages and go on an easy climb on Samosir’s small mountain for fantastic views.

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Mount Bromo – View from the Top

The site is simply majestic. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java. It is part of the Tengger massif and is one of the most visited attractions in Indonesia. The volcano, with its top blown off, sits on a large plain of fine volcanic sand called the “Sea of Sand.” The effect is eerie. Tours to the top, by horseback or jeep, to catch the sunrise are very popular. The view from the tip of the volcano overlooking the crater is amazing and many tourists have come away saying that the visit was an ethereal experience.

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Borobudur – Cultural Icon

This incredible and colossal monument is one of the largest and most famous Buddhist temples in the world. Located in central Java, it was built in the 9th century by the Syailendra Dynasty from an estimated 2 million interlocking stone blocks. Abandoned in the 14th century, the temple was rediscovered in 1815 under layers of volcanic ash.

Borobudar sits on a hill surrounded by green fields, jungle palms and distant hills. It has ten levels-9 stacked platforms (6 square and 3 circular) and a central dome on top. Visitors come to marvel at the extraordinary architecture and stonework. Borobudar boasts 2672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. It is an amazing icon of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

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