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India is a country with deep roots. Its rich history and culture continues to fascinate, and the number of people who choose to experience the wonders of India grows each year. India is the second most populated country in the world and the seventh largest by area. It is a country that pulsates and stirs with a mix of people, languages, traditions, religions and art and literature more than 4,000 years old.

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Common threads in the cultural heritage of India can be found in their belief of family values such as multiple generations living under the same roof, spirituality, the love of festivals and of course superb and spicy cuisine. India also has a large cinema industry and “Bollywood” is one of the largest film producers in the world. Welcome to India

Amazing Food

From marinated meats to vegetarian curries, India has a diverse repertoire of dishes. Each region is distinct in its preparation and presentation of styles. Some foods have become favorites all over the world such as:

  • Butter chicken – a mild or spicy dish, almost everyone’s favorite
  • Tandoori chicken – most famous, meat marinated in a paste of yogurt and spices roasted in a clay oven
  • Rogan Josh – lamb pieces in a colorful gravy made from Kashmiri dry red chilies
  • Tikka Masala – pre-marinated meat in a thick creamy sauce
  • Biryani – rice cooked with saffron and marinated meat
  • Gulab Jaamun – small balls of dried milk, slowly boiled in a sugar syrup
  • Kati Roll – popular street food, roasted kebab wrapped in Indian flat bread with eggs, vegetables, spices
  • Pakora – deep fried fritters of onions, eggplant, potato or cauliflower and chili peppers
  • Gaajar Halwa – very popular dessert of cooked grated carrot, milk, sugar, dried fruits
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Extraordinary Places to See

The Taj Mahal

This stunning white marble mausoleum is India’s most famous attraction and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was commissioned by a grief-stricken emperor to honor his wife who died during childbirth. Surrounded by gardens, the Taj Mahal is one of the most majestic sites in the world and visited by 4 million tourists a year. In todays value the construction costs of such a beautiful building would be about 27 Million US.


Goa is a small state on India’s western coastline with sandy beaches, palm trees, shimmering waters and resorts. It is one of the most visited spots in India. Goa was a Portuguese outpost for 500 years and you can see the interesting blend of the two cultures from the architecture to the cuisine. Goa is full of life with its natural beauty, markets, beaches, nightlife and attractions.

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Harmandir Sahib

This temple plated in gold is the spiritual capital of the Sikhs. Sitting by the water in the city of Amritsar, it is especially impressive at night all beautifully lit up and very serene in the early mornings. Completed in 1604, the “Golden Temple” as it is commonly known has three floors of exquisite architecture and ornate décor in gold, stone and marble.

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Ajanta Caves

Magnificently carved into the hillside in the northern state of Maharashtra are Buddhist temples and monuments dating back to 2nd century BCE. Some caves are unfinished and some have unique entrances containing paintings and sculptures regarded as some of the finest examples of Indian art. The caves were overgrown by jungle until accidentally discovered in 1819.

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