5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Lotto Tickets In Store

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In Store Lottery Tickets vs. Online Lottery Tickets

Lottery is a game as old as time. However, more and more lottery players are shifting towards playing lotteries online instead of buying a ticket from their local store.

The Lottery Centre has rounded up the 5 reasons to explain this shift away from in store lottery purchases:



IN STORE: Stores only offer the local lotteries. This means unless you travel all the time, you won’t get to play any of the world’s biggest jackpots.

ONLINE LOTTERY: Online lottery play lets you buy tickets from jackpots all over the world – from the comfort of your home. Whether you purchase tickets from our website or over the phone, you’ll get access to jackpots from America, Europe, and Australia.



IN STORE: When you buy a ticket from your store, you have to physically go and claim your prize money if you win. A lot of times smaller prizes go unclaimed because it’s too much of a hassle for people. Plus, there are times when you have to miss a draw because the weather’s bad or the store has closed.

ONLINE LOTTERY: Playing lotteries online means your winnings are paid out automatically into your account. Also, since you can buy tickets online and through our call centre, you always have a shot at the jackpot!



IN STORE: Syndicates improve your chances of winning, every lottery player knows that. But when you buy tickets in store, it is difficult to join a syndicate. Even if there is a local syndicate, chances are it will be very basic.

ONLINE LOTTERY: When you play online, syndicate play is convenient and straightforward. Plus, you get to boost your winning chances even further since The Lottery Centre uses exclusive wheeling systems!

For instance, when you join our Australian Superdraw syndicate, you only need to match 4 numbers to win a share of the top prize instead of the usual 6. Plus your overall odds of winning become almost 1 in 2!



IN STORE: Losing lottery tickets is extremely common when purchasing physical tickets. Many lottery players tend to keep their winning tickets in a safe place, only to forget where they’ve placed it afterwards! And if you lose your ticket, you lose your prize.

ONLINE LOTTERY: Everything is online when your lottery play goes digital. You receive a ticket order confirmation with your selected numbers – but even if you misplace or accidentally delete that, you will still receive your prize if you win – straight into your account!



IN STORE: There are hardly ever any discounts or special offers when you buy a lottery ticket from your local store.

ONLINE LOTTERY: When you play lotteries online with The Lottery Centre, you get discounts and promotions galore! Check out our promotion page to learn about our current offers.


Ready to check out these benefits for yourself? Head over to The Lottery Centre now and play lotteries online today!

Have questions about online lottery or need lottery advice? Call us today.



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